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Fall Session Sept 10 - Dec 8
The ABC's & 123's of Bellydance with Nicci 

This fall we turn our focus to building your Raks Sharqi Dance Toolbox

with technique, tricks and tips to take you from Studio to Stage!

During this session every class will be working through:

12 fun, feisty, fiery and fierce combinations to take you from drilling to dancing.    Each complete combination is designed to grow and develop as you do; building your  dance move library .   By the end of 12 weeks dancers will have 12 new combinations that you feel comfortable  to freestyle with  and/or build out into your own choreography.

Key Middle Eastern Rhythms!  Bellydance is more then just moving to the music, it means understanding that in which you are dancing too.   So let's start at the core, the rhythm and work our way out!   During this session we will focus on 6 of the most popular rhythms; dancers will learn to identify them, play them and yes dance to them.    What better way to experience Middle Eastern Rhythms then with Live Drumming ! 
Brendan will be on hand to drum us through!!

Finger Cymbal Drills to Thrill!  Finger Cymbals and Bellydance go hand in hand, no pun intended.   And though overall Egyptian Raks Sharqi dancers do not Zill, it has fast become a skill that all dancers not only should embrace but are expected too.   During this session we will be exploring finger cymbals in two concepts or approaches;  pattern drilling (3-5-7) and rhythm drilling (Baladi, Saidi).   All finger cymbal drills will be applied over your weekly combination!    Don't have Finger Cymbals, don't worry we have loaners but...you can order your own at Saroyan 

Intro to Bellydance 
3 times to choose from!

Wednesdays 5:30 - 6:30     (Class FULL)

Saturdays      9:00 - 10:00   (Class FULL)

Saturdays     10:30 - 11:30   NEW CLASS TIME - OCT 13 -  DEC 8  $110/8 weeks


12 Week Sessions $165.00 

Drop-ins                     $15/class 

Pre-requisite: No experience needed   

Class Limit 8 dancers


Let me see you Bellydance!!  With two class times to choose from we have you covered to begin your Bellydance journey.   Intro to Bellydance is designed to provide new dancers with the core moves used in Bellydance and returning dancers a reconnect to the moves they should know.   From dancers taking their first steps through to returning Beginners this class will give dancers a solid bellydance foundation to ensure Bellydance bliss.