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Caught on Film

The Dancers of Tha Realm love to share thier passion for the Art of Bellydance whenever they can.; from community stages to theater shows showcasing the beauty and diversity of Bellydance.    


We have been blessed with sharing in community events such as AgriFair, Abbyfest, Berrybeat Festival,  Jam in Jubilee,  Nature's Pickins Artisian Fair, The Chilliwack Fair and more and this little page shares a some of those moments  caught on film.


From Student Soirees to Theater Shows, showcasing Bellydance at every level and a every style,  if there is a chance to dance these dances will take it!   


Tha Dancers of Tha Realm, and special guests, have presented fou theater shows; Beyond Tha Realm  An Evening with Sharon Khiara (2013)  A Few of Our Favorite Things , A Bellydance Showcase (2015) . Oriental Fantasy 1-3 (2016 - 2019)


Dancers of Tha Realm from American Tribal Style to Raks Sharqi  and Bellydance Fusion would love to share bellydance with you!  Contact Tha Realm for information on having Bellydance as a part of your next event. 

Just what do Dancer of Tha Realm do?  

Check our out video gallery 

Photos taken for Tha Realm Dance Studio done by resident photographer Brendan Lally Photography

This Gallery is restrited to registered dacners 

of Tha Realm Dance Studio. 

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