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Private Sessions with Nicci

Are you missing in studio classes but dont feel comfy in a group setting? 

Did you know you can book a private session with Nicci? 

or ...Grab a couple other dancers and make it a semi private party!

Why book a private?

 Well there are many reasons, private sessions are great for:

  • Personal Choroegraphy creation/feedback​

  • Drilling techniques

  • Exploring/developing prop technique

  • Drill partner 


If you want to work on it... I am here to work alongside you.


Private sessions with Nicci can be one on one or with friend or group.  

Contact Nicci at to find out more.

1-2 people $55/hr 
3 people $75/hr 
4 people $95/hr 

Registered Students of Tha Realm save $10 per booked hour.

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