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Frequently Asked Questions

Weither you are new to Bellydance or just new to Tha Realm, there are always questions about classes, studio policies and what you need. Here are a few of the most commonly inquired topics you maybe interested in.  Don't see your question here Email us and we will be sure to find you the answer.

Who can Belly Dance?

You can!!! Bellydance embraces all women (and men) regardless of age and fitness level - if you are clear to work out then you are clear to bellydance.  Instructors of Tha Realm believe in the  "dance within your body as it is this day" approach to technical training and one of the beauties of Bellydance is that at its root it is a dance of indivdual expression and celebration. 


Bellydance is a low impact workout  and requires no previous dance experience to partake.   Bellydance is a wonderful form of whole body health combining mind, body and yes soul.

I have Injuries, can I still Bellydance?

Yes, if your physisan clears you for fitness, including bellydance then you can dance.   All moves taught within bellydance are adaptable to each dancer and thier limits.    IWe ask all dancers to "Dance in the Body they have this day" and it is a more than a studio policy but a belief that dancers are to always work at thier pace and level, at all times.  

Is Bellydance a good workout?

Bellydancing is a great medium aerobic impact workout that yes, leads to body transformations.   Bellydance is a great way to increase core strength, tone and sculpt the body, improve posture and build your stamina.  Bellydance works both your body and your brain between upper and lower body isolation work, combinations and props you work it all out!


Bellydance for the body:  builds stamina, improves coordination, increases flexibilty and range of motion, improves balance through core strength,  toning of muscles and improved posture.


Bellydance for the mind & soul:  increases memory retention; empowers and builds confidence, body awareness and acceptance, embraces femininty and sensuality; a safe space to cultivate friendships and take time for oneself.

How do I choose my class?

Wether you are new to Bellydance or just new to Tha Realm Dance Studio it is always recommended that all dancers to start at the Beginner level and go from there.  


Why? Well for first time bellydancers, this is the only way to go and for dancers with bellydance experience it is way to get familarize yourself with Tha Realm Dance Studio formats.  Bellydance is as unique as each dancer and so is the ideology, approach and instruction for each style.    Though a Figure 8 is a Figure 8 no matter what style, how instructors teach will vary.  Visit our classes pages for detailed class breakdowns.   Still unusure of where to begin, Email or call us.



What do I need for class, what to wear?

Depending on the style Bellydance that you are taking can and will dicate what you need for class.  But the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and free to move.    It is recommended that for all classes dancers dress in layers and bring with them:  Zills, Hip Scarf, Water, Notebook & Pen


Raks Sharqi Bellydance

Comfort and freedom of movement is key; but I still need to be able to see the lines of your body and your feet.   Dancers are free to wear whatever they wish to classes with Nicci; be that decked out and  dressed up or yoga casual.  If you are feeling it, wear it.  

Most dancers wear some form of the following:

  1. Yoga Pants/Tights/Dance Pants;  

  2. Tank Tops/Tshirts/Dance Tops;    

  3. Bare Feet/Ballet Slippers/Dance Shoes  

  4. Hip Scarf/Hip Belt/Hip Shawl (helps you to see & feel the moves);  

  5. Zills (finger cymbals) 

Props used throughout the year are:  Veil, Cane and Sword.  Dancers will be advised when they need to bring such to class. 

The studio has some loaner hip scarves and props for student use.  It is recommended that dancers invest in thier own props for continued home practice and performance.     


Studio is open 15 mins prior to class; this time is ideal for dancers to get ready and do any additional stretch for personal body needs.

Do I have to show my Belly?

No, you do not have to expose your middriff to take a bellydance class.    It is recommended that your clothing be close enough to your frame that both myself and you can see torso and knee movements, ut exposure of the belly need only come when you are ready.   

Where can I get the Bellydance gear and props I need?

There are many places online today where you can find belldyance costuming from classwear to custom made professional costumes.  Here are a few key links for those just starting out: 


Class gear, Costumes and Props - Class gear, costumes, veils, canes, swords and more.   Products are sound and there is quality in the cost.

Sumans Beauty & Bridal - local Abbotsford business sells hip scarves (2/25) and gorgeous jewllery

Miss Bellydance - Class gear, costumes, props and more.



Standard size of Veil is 3Yards and Nicci recommends all dancers invest in a Silk Veil as thier starter veil.   -  Pre made silk veils that will be in your hands within days for a cost that all can handle.

AmirasBelly - Nicci's favorite silk veils!  Take 6 weeks but they are custom.



Saroyan Zills

Many would say the best brand in the world.  There are many to choose from on this site we recommend you take the time to:

  1. Try some of the test zills at the studio

  2. Listen to the sound clips provided on the site

  3. Avoid the smaller zills (unless your hands are tiny)


Nicci uses the FCBD® SIGNATURE ZILS  from this company (these are perfect for ATS Students)



Can I try a class before signing up?

YES!!  Instructors of Tha Realm offer  one (1) free trial class to dancers trying Bellydance for the first time at Tha Realm Dance Studio.  Visit the Bellydance class page that you are interested in and click the "Free Trial Class" link to redeem your Trial Class spot. 

How do I register for class?

Payments options:  Online - Interac Etransfers & Paypal to    

                                    In Studio - Cash and Cheque

Class Tuition Refunds?

All classes, workshops and private lessons are non-refundable unless the session does not run due to the class being cancelled by the studio.   

My schedule is eratic, do you offer drop-in options? 

All classes at Tha Realm Dance Studio have drop in options.  Drop in cards for  classes are available  8 Class pass $165.00

What happens if I miss a class?

We know sometimes life happens and you have to miss a class and so for those rare times we offer the option to make up a class.

How does one doe this you ask?  

One of two ways:

  1. Make it up in another class: dancers are eligable to drop into another class time, within thier level, to make up for missed class.  

  2. Make up week - this is the 13th class of every session set into the schedule as a catch all for missed classes.  

Note: Instructor at Tha Realm are not responsible for classes missed on a students own accord. 

What happens if the studio cancels a class?

Sometimes life happens to instructors too and a class must be cancelled.  In the case of a class cancelled by an Instructor it is their duty to:

  1. Notify students: this is done by a post on the Studio Facebook Page, Class FB Group Page and Email to Students.

  2. Schedule a Make up Class and or Utilizing the 13th week


What is the 13th Week?

This applies only to Bellydance Classes with Nicci, she ensures that each session holds a 13th class.  This is there for both students and herself to utilize in the case of a missed class.

Performance Opportunities?

Tha Realm Dance Studio is blessed to perform throughout the year at events throughout the lower mainland.  From Soiree's and Theatre shows hosted to by the Studio to Festivals in and around Abbotsford; from Bellydance  Community Haflas and Shows to Private functions there are opportunities to perform for those in our Choreography and Performance classes.  


Tha Realm hosts an annual Winter Soiree and a Spring show where dancers of Tha Realm of all levels are showcased.   Dancers are never required to perform.  

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