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Bellydance Moves

This page is dedicated to Bellydance moves and breakdowns of them.  These video are great to use for clarifying movements and reference for home drill practice.   Remember there are plenty of straight from class videos on our Facebook Group:

Bellydance Classes at Tha Realm


Refer to the"Combinations & Choreography" page for some combo drills.  



Bellydance Posture

Basic Arms 1 - 6 

Walking Chest Circle

Chest Circle/Bellyroll Blended Move


Chest Circle - Horizontal & Vertical

Snake Arms

Basic Eygptian (Step Touch)

Shoulder Shimmy 

Chest Figure 8

3 Point  Turn 

Wrist Wripples (Cobra/Nile) & Floreo Hands

Blended Move Combo:
Shoulder Shimmy, Shoulder Lift/Drop Hip Lift Drop

"Sadie Drill" 
Pelvic Tilt/Drop Chest Lift/Drop

Bellyroll  - Up to Down

Small Hip Circles


Hip Lift & Hip Drop


Hip Crescent

Bodywave & Camel

Horizontal Figure  8 ( F2B & B2F)

Hip Lift FCB aka Hip W

Hip Lift FB w Leg Swing aka Hip Swing

Large Hip Circle 

Blended Move:
Hip Drops o Single Sided Hip Circle

Blended Move:
Hip Lifts o Single Sided Hip Circle

Blended Move:

Figure 8 w HipTilt Continuous Shimmy

Blended Move:
1/2 Figure 8 w 1.5 Figure 8 with step

3 Hip Drop Moves:
Hip Drop/Release; Hip Drop/Drop/Release

Hip Drop Release Travel in Circle

4 Point Hip Lock & Umi 


Upper Body, Lower Body, Reverse

Basic Hip Twist


3/4 Double Back Rock Step  aka The Margie

Basic Hip Tilt Continous Shimmy (4/4)

3/4 Shimmy *Basic aka Foundation*

3/4 Shimmy w Slide
Slide Up Down & Up Down Slide


Travelling 3/4 Shimmy w Slide
Slide Up Down & Up Down Slide


Travelling Reverse Undulation

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