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Combinaiton 2013
Grapevine, Hip lift, 3pt turn, Chest lift, Inline push pivot, Goddess repeat

Combinaiton 2014 
Snake arms, Chest/rib circle Kstep, Crescent,  Twist, Tuck

Combinations & Choroegraphies

This page is dedicated to Combinations used at Tha Realm great to use for home drill practice and some of our long standing choreographies now sharable to all dancers.   Remember there are plenty of straight from class videos on our Facebook Group: Bellydance Classes at Tha Realm


Refer to the e"Bellydance Moves" page for individual move breakdowns.  



Bellydancing For Fame and Fortune

1 Minute Drum Solo 

Combinaiton 2013
Camel, Grapevine,3pt turn, Umi, Rev Unulation, Chest box, Hip down locks

Combination 2013 (Big)
Trav fwd hip circle, trav side hip circle, hip locks, hip circle in circle, add chest circle, double hip bump locks, single bumps, step out hip twist,  dip hip twist, hip push, 3pturn, drops, (Karshilma) FB inline trav back, dble back, Fpush, Centre push,  Inner hip fwd circle roll , hip twist in circle, downlocks, shimmy. 

Combinaiton 2013 (Big) 

Walk fwd - chest circle - undulation down - hip FCBSnap kick, xturn - Hip Push Up, Down, xturn, umi reverse up chest pop Haglia arabesque R/L chest circle roll down, F2B Fig 8, Maya, Drop and pop up, chest roll down, B2F F8, circle twist tuck, Trippin turkish, Push Pivot Turn, BE Twist Step, Camel x 2 w leg kick, Sitting Hip Circle (Sitting Saidi), chest circle roll down, 3/4 down locks  (stationary, travel back), crescent tuck pivot x 2

Dai Jega

Raks Pop Choreography  Walk through w/o Music

Dai Jega

Raks Pop Choreography  Walk through w Music

Dai Jega

Raks Pop Choreography  Dance Through 

Ill Kebab

Fusion Choreography -Walk Through 

Ill Kebab

Fusion Choreography - Dance Through 

Laylia 2.0 
drum Solo - danced by Amy

Veil  - Danced by Amy

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