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Tha Realm Dance Studio, Abbotsford's Home for Bellydance, specializing  and offering weekly classes in:

American Tribal Style Bellydance, Raks Sharqi Bellydance, and Fusion Bellydance.  


For  detailed class information and registration, please visit the Class pages below to contact the indicated Instructor.


What do I need for class?  Visit our FAQ page for the answer to this question and more.

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Raqs Sharqi, is the phrase translated from Arabic, which literally means "Dance of the Orient"  also know as Egyptian Bellydance.


Classes in Raks Sharqi and Fusion range from Intro to Advanced focusing on the fundamenttals of Bellydance movement.

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Due to Covid this class is currently not being offered

ATS takes its influence from Middle Eastern, Indian Kathak & Rajasthani, Flamenco, and North African dance forms. Performances are improvised, making each one exciting & unpredictable.  Moves are changed through a series of subtle cues & transitions by the lead dancer. The ATS language is universal; we can dance with any other ATS dancer anywhere in the world.


For more information on this class, please contact 

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