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Beyond the Veil Summer Intensive

 July 30  - Sept 1 

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2 hour class (5 weeks)  $150.00

1 hour class (5 weeks)  $  75.00

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Beyond the Veil  - The China Choreographies Workshop Intensive 

This  Veil Intensive workshop session is set to both challenge and inspire dancers of all levels, and will be broken into two focuses:
Veil Tricks and Combinations and The Choreographies 

Veil Tricks & Combinations (Week 1 & 3)

This workshop is a focus on veil technique and the unique approach that Nicci adopts for her  veil work. This class will be broken into two sections allowing dancers to focus on specific skills before blending them all into the beautiful, impactful choreographies we will be working on.

Veil Technique:

  • Key veil “tricks” and moves                                                                         

  • Creating sharp, strong and clear shapes

  • Veil catches and releases

  • Veil combinations for use in choreography

  • Short edge veil tricks (one arm veil work)

Turns, Turns, Turns

  • Key veil turns

  • Quick and smooth transitions between turns

  • Blended veil turns

  • Using pulls and pauses to add tension and texture within your directional changes

Dancers will be practicing with both single and double veil concepts during these technique classes. 

Nicci’s journey through bellydance led her to fall in love with the beauty, grace and power of Veil.    In 2017 that love for Veil and the unique "Nicci Style" led to Nicci getting to share her passion with dancers in Guangzhou, China.  Now she would love to share these three choreographies with you during our Summer Bellydance Intensive!   


"Nicci Style" veil is lyrical and athletic and it pushes the boundaries of what is "traditional veil".   Her  blend of traditional veil moves, unique artistic shapes,  contorted body angles,  floorwork and turns;  lends for an her approach to texturize, enhance and bring to life each piece.   


In this Veil Intensive she will share with you her unique and creative approach to veil and help you to discover YOUR individual Veil voice.

The Choreographies (Week 2 & 4, 5)

During weeks 2, 4 and 5 dancers will be learning short but powerful choreographies for your use in personal performance.  

Written in the Sky - Single Veil Choreography

The human desire to find connection and be loved, wanted, needed and desired is one that leads to heartache, loss and hope. This piece will embrace this concept based on each dancers personal story.

The Intro - Double Veil Choreography 

Walking through the fog and finding clarity. This piece is designed to be entrance or interlude piece filled with the romance and grander of double veil. Dancers will work themselves in and out of the double veils in turns and tricks.

Gizeh - Single to Double Veil Choreography

Memories can be haunting.  Playing between two worlds this dance is about the memories we return to and how they make us feel.  This dance is designed to evolve from a single veil piece to a double veil piece as the story unfolds.   Dancers will work their way from single to double.

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