Spring Bellydance VIRTUAL CLASSES Workshop Series 

Class Options Session 1 May 4 - May 30 

2 hour class (4 weeks)  $100.00

1 hour class (4 weeks)  $  50.00

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Graceful Arms & Hands 

Like the "dot "of the "I" or the "cross" in the "T" arms and hands are the finishing touches to your dance.    And often the most overlooked and underpracticed thing of our dance.  A dancers arms and hands can express so much with the smallest of movements when done with the right technique and intention in movement.  

In this class we will be working on intentful hand and arm drills and combination patterns to up your arm and hand game.   

The Flow of Bellyrolls and Undulations
Like water moves around obstacles undulations move through a dancers body.  Be it the focus of the dance or the transitional path between moves; the dancers ability to isolate and connect undulations is key to fluid and powerful bellydance movement. 

In this class we will focus on Bellyroll,  Upper and Lower Undulation technique through isolatin drills and  flow combinations.

Strike a Pose 

The pose is more important than we show!  From the beginning of your dance until the end, poses and the transitions in and out of them are key.   The pose can set the mood, change the charcter, show emotions and more. 


In this class we will explore  classic and unique poses as well as work a vareity of transitions between them. 

Look No Hands - Prop Balance

Swords, Candles, Canes, Trays and more... thats right this class is all about embracing trick free balancing of props.  Learn how to find confidence in balancing your props without any "tricks" while moving througha couple basic combos to take from the  studio into your own performance dance.

In this class we will be focusing on the balancing of the Sword and the Candle, specifically.   

Spring Bellydance VIRTUAL CLASSES Workshop Series 

Class Options Session 2 June 1 - June 27 

2 hour class (4 weeks)  $100.00

1 hour class (4 weeks)  $  50.00

select your day and level to register

ZOOM ONLINE SESSION 2:  June 1 - June 27 

Is Eight is Enough ?

Yes, yes it is!  From head to toe how many Figure 8's do you know?  How many do you use? The Figure 8 is an one of the most interchangeable and adaptable movements in the bellydance language. Big or small the Figure 8 can say it all. 

In this class we will be working on the 6  Figure 8s through isolated drills and a combination with transitions and elevations. 

The Circlesphere

Round and round we go where we stop well.. thats up to you.  Just like the Figure 8, circles are a move that fits almost every occasion. Circles can be playful and innoncent or cheeky and seductive. 

In this class dancers we will work through internal and external circles in drills and combination patterns, includidng adding basic shimmy layers.  

Shimmy Baby, YEAH

Let's face it you can not have Bellydance without a shimmy! But just what shimmy is the your shimmy?  Shimmies do not need to be static beings they can travel, elevate and be part of bleneded movements.   Shimmies do not need to be fast but the do need to be consitent.... Fear not the shimmy!


In this class we will explore the three shimmies; the Egytpain, the Wobble and the 3/4 Shimmy

Its a Wrap - A Veil Wrap that is!

Veil wraps are more then just to cover you up when your backstage.  They can unveil you to the audience and seduce them in a moment.  They can change the mood in constrast transitions and bring drama to your dance.  They are an underused jewel. 

In this class dancers will explore 3 veil wraps for "vingette" bellydance combinations.

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