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Back by popular demand ...... do not miss this last chance to train with Ashley before she leaves for her world travels for 6 months!!!

Tha Realm Dance Studio is over the moon to have Ashley Rhianne and Tim Gerwing back at Tha Realm with  the 9th installment of their popular Dance to the Beat of the Drum workshop!


This workshop afternoon explores commonly encountered Egyptian rhythms, breaking them down with detailed explanations from Tim and learning dance technique from Ashley .  


This class is a mixed level class that has something for everyone - from brand new dancers to seasoned professionals.   As learning and understanding rhythms is integral to dancers, Ashley & Tim present their workshop in an interactive, fun and informative format ensuring everyone gets to take home new moves and an understanding of how to identify and play these rhythms.

This afternoon of drumming and dancing is a wonderful way for both dancers and drummers to gain knowledge on common ground together. 

Drum Solo Techniques and Combinations

Sunday January 28  12:30 - 3:30 pm

$65 before Jan 14, 2018

$75 after Jan 14, 2018

Multi-Level Workshop: Understanding of basic bellydance moves a benefit

Ashley Rhianne and Tim Gerwing are excited to offer a workshop for dancers to learn about the most commonly encountered Middle Eastern rhythms.    The Drum Solo workshop will cover 2 rhythms which will be explained and demonstrated by Tim Gerwing with Bellydance technique and combinations taught by Ashley Rhianne.

This class is based in Beginner level, however, understanding of basic Bellydance key movements is an asset.

Please bring a yoga mat, pen and paper, and lots of water :)

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