This 6 week session is set to keep your Bellydance Fundamentals on point with  various skill drills set to keeping your hits sharp, your circles smooth your shimmies strong and your travelling steady .


Dance Drill Combinations will have us calling "Jenga" as we stackem up and shift them around.  How many layers can you add before you loose control? 

Splish, splash oops... how steady are you in your dance moves?  Do you bounce around alot?   Do you wobble?
Well we will be playing with a couple balance skill drills to help ground us and build skill.  

Tick Tock Turn... thats right dancers Dance Turn Combinations to have you turning with ease and confidence.


select your CLASS PLATFORM, DAY and LEVEL to register

1 hour class ( 6 weeks)     $  85.00
1.5 hour class ( 6 weeks)  $ 130.00

July 13 - August 21



A limit of 6 dancers per class

zoom link provided at registration

Be sure to chose your class platform carefully... 

Covid Phase 3
If your unwell, do not attend Instudio class, attend via Zoom
Capacity increase to 6 Dancers Per Instudio Class

Masks are Welcomed but not required 
Sanitization of hands upon entry
Dancers belongings placed in cubbies.
Dance shoes recommended, sanitizing wipes provided for post class