She's BACCKKKKK!!!!! Time one again to have some Fun with Finger Cymbals with Sally in....


Cymbal Cipher, with Sally!

Saturday Feb 23 1:00 - 4:00 pm

Price: $50.00

For the love of Finger Cymbals Price $40 (until Feb 14)
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Spaces are limited to 12 dancers


Cymbal Cipher, with Sally!

Having trouble lining up your cymbal patterns with your dancing? Feeling confined and stifled in your movement as soon as the cymbals are on?


This workshop will break down basic patterns as well as introduce different striking techniques, giving you the tools to set you free to dance AND play cymbals with confidence!


Let's make noise out of MATH!

Elila Farh Choreography

Dancers in this workshop will learn "Elila Farh Choreography" Sally's cute Folk-Fusion Dance is fast and loud and FUN! Grounded juicy hip work with playful foot patterns, and of course, cymbals!


This workshop is open to all levels but some experience with Finger Cymbals is recommended.

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